Sneaky Cat Takes Himself To School On Picture Day And Mom Gets His Portrait In The Mail

If there’s one thing we know about cats, it’s the fact that they are sneaky. This came to the forefront in a rather interesting way on class picture day in Wales. It seems as if one sneaky cat was able to do something that really took everyone, including the photographer, by surprise.

According to WalesOnline, Megan and Chloe Roberts, who are 10 and seven years old, were getting ready to have their picture taken for school. It was at the Drury Primary School, but they were about to have their day turned into something even better.

Photo: Pexels/Rakesh Gohil

It seems as if their orange and white cat, Ziggy, visits the school regular basis. Since he often shows up at the school, he became an honorary student and was able to get in for some class photo action of his own.

When the big moment came, the four-year-old feline got up in the chair, looked at the camera, and almost smiled for his picture. After the picture was taken, he left the area as if nothing had happened.

When Chloe’s mother, Emma Roberts, received a letter from her daughter, she thought that it would be the class photos of Chloe. In speaking with a local news station, however, she said: “But then when I looked I was just in floods of laughter and so were the other mums standing by me.”

When she asked what happened, her daughter told her that the cat had just jumped up in the chair. They didn’t give him any encouragement, he just wanted to have his photo taken. Since he is there every day, the school has already accepted him so the photo was just the next logical step.

Even the headmaster had something to say about the feline. He said that he provides an “excellent example” for the other pupils according to his attendance.

Photo: Facebook/Emma Roberts

Emma refers to Ziggy as a “complete menace.” It seems as if he goes on the school grounds and hangs out for the entire day. He even takes naps on the headmaster’s desk and there isn’t any removing him. At this point, the school is happy to have him there.

After sharing what happened on Facebook, many people were thrilled to see that a feline was able to get in on this action. As far as the pictures are concerned, Emma purchased a copy and it is now on the mantle placed next to her daughter’s pictures.

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