Husky Born With Rare “Flipper Feet” Searches For A Forever Family

If there is one thing that every dog has, it’s a lot of love in its heart.

They may show it differently, but any family with a dog knows they will get back much more love than they could ever hope to give.

There are also times when the dog needs some extra love because they have a special need. That is the case with Ziggy, and she needs just the right family to care for her.

Ziggy was dropped off at the National Mill Dog Rescue in 2022, and the rescue quickly shared photos of the sweet pup on Facebook:

She was tiny at the time and had a congenital disability resulting in missing her front paws. Her previous owner couldn’t take care of her, and he knew that the rescue would give her a fighting chance.

The rescue revealed on Facebook that they equipped Ziggy with a wheelchair, and she is doing quite well. Like any other dog, she enjoys being active, and despite her special needs, she isn’t missing a step.

The problem is Ziggy has been at the shelter for a year now. She is a dog that needs special attention, but for the right family, she will offer everything they could possibly want.

Ziggy is more than just a dog with special needs and a cool wheelchair. She also is very playful and as smart as a whip.

The rescue put out a plea to find Ziggy a forever home and it seems like the plea worked!

On January 27th, 2023, the rescue shared that Ziggy finally went home with a forever home.

The sweet dog posed alongside her new parents in an adorable photo:

It’s so nice to see that she finally found a place to call home after waiting so long.

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