Family Dumps “Defective Dog” At The Shelter But He Proves To Be the Perfect Pet

Growing up, I was always taught that pets are a big responsibility. Not only are they living beings who depend on you for their food and water, but they’re forever.

They’re not something you get for entertainment, then dump later when they’re no longer convenient. Pets are a lifelong commitment. It’s no different than making a commitment to a person, you’re promising your furry friends that you’ll be there to take care of them in sickness and in health.

Photo: YouTube/St. Francis CARE

Sadly, not everyone sees it that way. For one dog, his family quickly dumped him the moment that his health took a turn.

Zeus was a good boy who had his world shattered when he was dropped off at a high-kill animal shelter in Oklahoma. According to St. Francis CARE, his family cited the reason for the sudden surrender as them just not wanting a “defective dog.” Poor Zeus wasn’t defective, he was suffering from a degenerative nerve disease that left him paralyzed.

Photo: YouTube/St. Francis CARE

A dog in Zeus’s position would be facing a very scary and uncertain future, luckily for him, he was picked up by the good people at St. Francis Care in Illinois. They rescued him and got him into hydrotherapy. Time and love saw Zeus making progress with his health, eventually getting better enough to be able to use a doggie wheelchair.

Of course, his healing journey wasn’t always straightforward. He had a few setbacks along the way, but Zeus stayed strong and positive, and he never gave up. In fact, this inspirational pooch had his caregivers tearing up in pride at how far he’d come.

Photo: YouTube/St. Francis CARE

In the video below, Lynda Kuether, who fostered Zeus, said, “There are so many more like him that don’t get a chance. In a throw away society he is a shining example of what happens when you don’t throw something away. You don’t have to be perfectly healthy to be the perfect pet.”

Zeus has gotten stronger and can now walk, run, and even climb upstairs on his own, but he still requires therapy. Fortunately for Zeus, his story had a happy ending. Since he’d made quite the impression on Lydna while she fostered him, she ended up making the choice to welcome her into her family on a permanent basis!

Check out the video down below:

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