Yummers Gourmet Pet Food Additions Makes their Debut

Searching for pet food that your persnickety furbaby actually likes can be tough. If your pet has a discerning palate and gets bored easily with the catch of the day, you can always try specialty pet stores that receive sample bags with their regular orders that come in bulk. They gladly hand them out to customers who are on the lookout for something new but hesitant to buy an entire bag on the chance their pet will turn its nose up at it. But if you don’t have any stores like this in your neighborhood, you may have another option with Yummers, a new brand created by two reality stars who are gonzo for four-legged critters.

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Queer Eye

Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness are the duo behind Yummers. Stars of the popular Netflix series Queer Eye, Porowski is the series’ resident foodie while Van Ness is the show’s flamboyant hairdresser. The co-stars are said to pamper the pets of crew members and makeover subjects alike during filming. The two teamed up with Rebecca Rudisch to launch the company, and the line includes gourmet food toppers and mix-ins to not only provide a flavor boost but added nutrition to each meal. They even offer supplement toppers for specific things like heart health, digestive health, hip and joint support, skin and coat issues, and one for calming that contains hemp oil.

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Pet Food

Officially known as Yummers Pet Supply Co., the plan is to eventually branch out beyond food. The current products are available at the company’s website (with an option to subscribe for auto-ship online) and Petco and range between $15 to $30. Not exactly cheap, but they’re not completely out of line with many other brands of pet food and pet supplements, either. Some of the flavors offered are cheddar cheese, salmon and sweet potato, chicken, beef liver, and, just in time for the holidays, turkey and cranberry. Mixers and toppers have become popular in recent years as a way of enticing your pet to still dig into the same old offerings that you know to be healthy and balanced.

Pet Products

With a passel of pets between them, Porowski started experimenting with ways to jazz up the animals’ meals during the COVID lockdown. “During the pandemic, I started fostering [Neon] and started feeding her kibble. I got bored looking at the kibble every single day so I started figuring out what can I add, some kind of high-price treat situation to make the meal a little more palatable. If I’m going to add lemon zest and flake salt to my meals, I should be adding something that’s dog approved, too,” Porowski told The Hollywood Reporter. “With Rebecca’s expertise and experience, she’s guided us along the way and we’ve come up with 14 mix-ins. And it’s just the beginning!”

In case you’re wondering, Rebecca Rudisch is the former Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising and Marketing Officer at Petco, so it was a no-brainer for her to get on board and approach her old company with the new distribution line.

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