Yorkshire Terrier Takes A Giant Leap Of Faith To Get His Ball

They sometimes say that the big things come in little packages. Obviously, the first person who said that was likely familiar with Yorkshire Terriers.

Although they may be small in size, they have a personality that is bigger than life itself. Just ask anyone who has a Yorkie in their family and they will tell you that they are larger-than-life.

Photo: Pexels/JÉSHOOTS

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it, we actually have a video that proves it. This video is of Diesel, a Yorkshire terrier who loves playing ball.

Playing is one of the things that makes a Yorkshire terrier’s life worth living. For Diesel, it is also something that gives him an opportunity to show his skills and determination.

Photo: YouTube/robandsuemorrison

This stage is set when a ball lands in a pool of water. The only thing that stands between Diesel and his beloved ball is a tall wall.

That is when Diesel springs into action. He plans his dive very carefully, running to the top of the wall so he can jump right on top of the ball itself.

Photo: YouTube/robandsuemorrison

He takes a moment to line things up and suddenly, Diesel springs into action. He lands with his mouth squarely on the ball and comes out victorious.

Watch it for yourself in this video:

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