Yoga Pup Searching for Forever Home Has Downward-Facing Dog Nailed!

Namaste! Meet Poppy, the sweetest yoga buddy you’ll ever meet in your life. Poppy has been hoping a fun-loving forever person/family would come along and adopt her since April 2022. She’s a paws-on kind of gal who likes to be involved in activities with her humans, especially fitness. Outdoor yoga is one of her new favorites, and her fellow participants loved her to pieces when she arrived.

yoga dog
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Shelter Pets

Staff at Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson made the following comments about this good-natured lady:

“Poppy is such a perfect pooch – why is she still at PACC!?! That’s what all of Poppy’s fans ask every single day. How can this wiggly chunk still be waiting for a forever home? This long-stay shelter resident is a hands-down favorite of sooooo many staff and volunteers – a chubby lady who considers herself a tiny lapdog and wants nothing more than to be snuggled.”

“This is actually sweet Poppy’s second stay at the shelter. She first came to PACC in 2020 from a home with too many dogs but moved out to a new home a short time later. That home turned out not to be the perfect fit, so Poppy came back for some help finding a true forever home. But, despite being on her best behavior, Poppy’s stay has stretched out far longer than anyone could have imagined.”

yoga dog
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Animal Shelter Volunteers

Here’s what a couple of Poppy’s volunteer fans have said about her:

“POPPY!!!!! She is absolutely my favorite girl right now. She has such a cute personality and loves getting lots of attention and love. She is always happy to get to a play yard and gives tons of kisses. She takes treats gently (though she could lose some weight). If I could take her home, I would! I can’t figure out how this gem has been in the shelter for so long.”

“Poppy is such a good girl! I picked her up for a short field trip, and she was the perfect companion. She needed a little lift into the backseat of the car, then rode perfectly, looking out the window quietly. We went to a yoga class in the park where Poppy met a few new people and enjoyed giving lots of kisses and getting snuggles. She was very well-behaved and relaxed quickly, chewing a bone quietly for much of the class. I think in a home, she would be a very mellow couch potato type. Poppy really enjoyed her break from the shelter and was out like a light on the ride back to PACC. Love this girl!”

adoptable dog
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Animal Adoption

Poppy has a positive history with people and kids and was said to be housebroken in her prior homes. She’s done well with other dogs her size, but everyone should get to meet a new roommate before moving in, so a meet and greet with any resident dogs is recommended.

Poppy goes to playgroup at the shelter often, where she is social and tolerant with the other pups. She can be a bit overwhelmed when there are too many other dogs in the yard or things get too rowdy, so dog parks might not be her thing. She has a reputation for being an easygoing, people-oriented girl that is just waiting for the right family to scoop her up.

If you are interested in adopting this sweet girl, please email with additional questions. She’s in Kennel D115, and her ID# is A706491.

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