Yellowstone Bison Takes Frustration Out On Passing Vehicle

Each year, millions of people visit Yellowstone National Park to take in the beautiful scenery and for a chance to see one of the many bison that call the park home.

Sadly, there are many who do not follow the rules and try and get close to the massive animals for a photo and some even try to pet them. This is why a local created an Instagram page called “Tourons of Yellowstone”, which shames people who get too close to wildlife.

However, a recent incident involved a frustrated bison who displayed some road rage to a passing vehicle.

It is currently bison rut (mating) season and visitors are warned to be extra cautious during this time. The park posted, “It’s important to remember that during rut, bulls are on high alert and can get aggravated easily!”

As was the case with a bison that was crossing one of the roads in the park when a blue Ford car went to pass on the right. The bison responded by taking its horns to the side of the car.

In the footage shared by Tourons of Yellowstone, the car quickly sped away after the encounter. Check it out below.

Viewers couldn’t resist commenting on the situation. Several shared that the bison was enforcing the rules of not passing on a double yellow or on the right. One person wrote, “Bison was right tho—passing on the right, and in a no-passing zone? You get the horns.”

No one was harmed this time, but that is not always the case. Please respect bison and other wildlife by observing them from afar.

Park officials remind visitors to please keep their distance at all times. “No matter what time of year, always stay further than 25 yards away from all wildlife, and make sure both tires are over the white lines if you pull off the road to view them.”

Learn more about the Yellowstone bison here and how long they have lived in the park.

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