Gentle Yellow Lab Helps Care For Wild Rescue Boar

We may think that birds of a feather flock together, but sometimes, birds of different feathers do quite well with each other. That was the case with Biu Biu, a yellow lab, and a little pig named Yezhu.

According to The Dodo, when Dora Ngai first brought the little pig into their life, nobody knew how the dogs would respond. It only took a few moments to realize that Biu Biu was more than happy to have a new friend.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

It all started when the gardener found a wild pig. He looked around for the mother but couldn’t find her, so they took her into the family.

Fortunately, Dora Ngai loves animals and was all too happy to have a wild pig share her home. She also wanted to share their story online so people could enjoy it everywhere.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Once the little pig was part of the home, he started to get along with the other animals. Before long, a friendship was born between Biu Biu and Yezhu.

When you see the video of these two animals together, it’s obvious they are brothers from a different mother. They got along right away and even months later, they continued to grow closer.

These two strange bedfellows enjoy a lot of fun times together. They play, sleep, eat, and even snuggle together. Sometimes they will go swimming together as well.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Although he was a little pig initially, Yezhu is now full-grown and still enjoying life as a Labrador pig.

We appreciate Dora for continuing to post pictures and videos of this adorable pair. It’s a friendship we can all appreciate.

You can see more of Yezhu and Biu Biu on Instagram and YouTube.

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