Wyoming State Park Welcomes The Birth Of A Rare White Bison Calf

Most people who don’t live in the northwestern United States are only mildly familiar with bison. They may have seen them on a trip to a National Park, or perhaps just in pictures on the Internet.

When most people think about bison, the first thing that comes to their mind is a large, black, or brown animal. That is common, and when bison calves are born, they usually have black fur which turns a darker color of brown as they age.

Photo: Pexels/Pixabay

Then there is the bison born at Bear River State Park. That state park, located in Evanston, Wyoming, is the proud location where there is a rare white bison. It was born in May, and the park shared photos on Facebook.

The park has not yet named the young bison and they don’t even know if it is male or female. According to Cowboy State Daily, the superintendent of the park, Tyfani Sager, admitted they were furry and it’s hard to tell when they are first born.

The bison is a little smaller than average, weighing in at about 30 pounds. His mother’s name is Wyoming Hope, and the youngster is doing well.

Interestingly, Wyoming Hope is one of two heifers at the state park that is also white. She came from Jackson Fork Ranch in 2021.

When the park posted some photos from the maternity/newborn ward, you can spot her easily. The father is one of the bulls at the park.

There are now three white bison at the state park. Having a white bison calf is rare but it isn’t something that never happens. The White Bison at Bear River are not albinos, which come in at about one in 10 million.

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