World War II Veteran Reunites With Mystery Woman He Met In France 78 Years Later

After 78 long years, a World War II veteran finally reunited with a woman who touched his life while he was serving in Normandy, France.

The Taxi Charity for Military Veterans shared a video of their story on YouTube.

Photo: YouTube/Taxi Charity

According to the video, 99-year-old Reginald Pye met 92-year-old Huguette Geoffroy when they were 21 and 14, respectively.

Huguette first met Reginald back in 1944 when he was serving with the 224 Field Company in the Royal Engineers during the Battle of Normandy.

Then 14-year-old Huguette spotted 21-year-old Reginald eating a dinner of bread with jam and canned sardines. Reginald noticed the young girl and thought she looked hungry, so he offered her the sardines but she denied them. After watching the girl eye his jam sandwich, Reginald generously offered it to her and watched as she took the treat and ran back to where she came from.

Photo: YouTube/Taxi Charity

When Reginald woke up the next day, he found his tin filled with milk and a photo of Huguette.

In the video, Reginald said, “The memory of my very brief encounter with this young girl will stay with me forever. In the bleakest of times, this bit of human interaction made a huge mark on my life.”

He kept Huguette’s photo in his wallet for the next 78 years, “always hoping we might meet again.”

Photo: YouTube/Taxi Charity

When the press heard of his story, they spread the word about his hope to reunite with Huguette – and it just so happens that Huguette’s daughter heard of the story and arranged a meeting between the two.

Reginald traveled to Huguette’s retirement home in France and finally reunited with Huguette some 78 years later. Just like the first time they met, Reginald gifted Huguette with a jam sandwich for old times’ sake.

You can watch their touching reunion in the video below:

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