People Share Their Worst First Dates And The Moment They Decided To Walk Out

Finding your special someone can be difficult and oftentimes you must go on a lot of bad first dates before you find them. But have you ever walked out on a date?

Reddit user u/LankyJeweler4925 asked men and women, “Those of you who’ve walked out on first dates, what was your ‘I’m out of here’ moment?”

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Thousands of people took to the comments to share their terrible dates and when they decided enough was enough and left. Check some out below.

Women shared how things quickly went bad on their first dates…

“He said he hopes our kids do not have my nose.” –u/Flaca911

“After we were already 15 minutes late walking into the movie because he was 45 minutes late picking me up, he proceeded to talk at normal volume the entire film. After about half an hour I got up to use the bathroom and walked right out the door.

A couple of my friends lived 4 blocks from the theater so I just walked over to their place and had them drive me home later.” – u/SeaworthySwarth

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“We ran into his two friends at the bar we were having our date. He introduced me as his girlfriend. We had known each other less than a week and met on Tinder. I felt awkward/uncomfortable after that so I pretended I wasn’t feeling well and left early.” – u/bluemorphine

Men also shared their worst first date and what happened…

“I was set up, many years ago now, on a blind date.

The friend who arranged the date said she was a bit socially awkward but really lovely when she gets out of her shell. Which is 100% fine, I’d consider myself much the same. When I show up to the blind date, not only I do I find her there, but I also find 4 of her friends with her.

They were all crammed in on one side of a booth while I was alone on the other.

They basically tried to panel interview me.

After a few minutes when it became clear that this was the date, I excused myself to get a drink and just walked out.” –u/Old_Man_Robot

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“Constantly mentioned her Ex in a comparative way. … she’d ask a question like, ‘what music you like?’ I’d answer and she’d follow up with telling me what her Ex listened to before telling me what she liked. Was clearly not over the dude.” –u/ReallySickOfArguing

“She was on her phone the entire time, I felt like I was evesdropping on her super busy life. I immediately figured that this was gonna be how everything in a relationship was going to be like.. everything online and discussed all the time forever. Hard pass.” –u/OverArcherUnder

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