Mysterious Worms Fall From The Sky In Chinese Province

Most of us do our best to get indoors when the weather turns rainy outside.

For those who live in the Chinese province of Liaoning, the rainstorm has taken on another meaning altogether.

Photo: Twitter/@TheRioTimes

As you can see in a viral video clip, it was raining in that province but it wasn’t raining water, it was raining worms. The citizens were told to find shelter and for good reason.

You can see people in the streets covering themselves with umbrellas as they tried to get through the unusual weather.

Photo: Twitter/@TheRioTimes

Nobody knows why it was raining worms, but MSN reports that at least one scientific journal suggested that they were swept up in heavy winds and dropped on the area.

There were other suggestions as to what may have been the problem in China that day. Some people suggested they were poplar tree flowers that resemble worms when they bloom.

Photo: Twitter/@TheRioTimes

In any case, people came to the comments quickly to talk about the events.

Some people had an opinion but other people just wanted to avoid having it happen to them.

What would you do if you found yourself caught in a worm storm? Let us know!

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