Ghost the Cow Broke the World Record for Tricks in 1 Minute

It’s always amazing when you see a smart animal, and Ghost certainly fits into that category. Ghost is not a dog or cat, she is a cow, owned by Megan Reimann.

Ghost isn’t your ordinary, run-of-the-mill cow. In fact, she just broke the world record for doing the most tricks in a minute.

Photos: YouTube / Guinness World Records

Megan worked with horses in the past, so she wondered if she could transfer some of the tricks over to her cattle. She worked with Ghost for quite some time, teaching her to do a range of tricks.

In order to teach Ghost to do as many tricks as possible, she used positive reinforcement. With treats, Ghost was able to learn tricks, such as spinning in a circle, identifying colors, giving kisses, and much more.

When the big day came for Ghost to break the world record, Megan was very confident. The clock was ticking, but she knew Ghost could do all of her tricks in a minute if she wanted.

Photos: YouTube / Guinness World Records

Of course, the fact that there were strangers around and a crowd made Ghost a little nervous. She was still able to do everything in under a minute.

Her tricks included stay, come when called, self rope, spin, bow, stand on a pedestal, fist bump, touch a bell, give kisses, and nod yes.

Those 10 tricks within one minute were enough to get Ghost in the Guinness World Records. Megan was absolutely thrilled, but Ghost had other plans.

When Ghost finished doing her tricks, she simply walked away.

I guess not everyone is ready for the limelight.

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