3-Year-Old English Setter Has World’s Longest Dog Tongue

A dog’s tongue can impact the sound of his bark, help him groom, and help him cool down on a hot day with some panting. One dog’s tongue has also earned him a place in the record books.

Three-year-old English Setter Bisbee’s tongue was recently named the longest on a living dog, measuring in at 9.49 centimeters, or 3.74 inches. The measurement starts at the tip of the snout, going out to the tip of the tongue, and a qualified vet must perform the measurement to count.

Bisbee’s humans, Jay and Ericka Johnson, had noticed their pup had a fairly long tongue, but Ericka said she found it hard to get a proper measurement because Bisbee would squirm when she tried.

Ericka says, “I sent a picture of him panting to my sister and my dad, and I think one of them mentioned that it could be a world record.”

Unfortunately, the Arizona-based pooch suffers from hip dysplasia, diagnosed when he was still a puppy, so he had to get x-rays on his hips one day. When he was sedated for the procedure, they were able to get a good measurement on it, learning just how impressive it was.

Other than his record-breaking tongue, Bisbee is a typical dog. He loves lapping up time in the pool, chasing yellowjackets, and barking at delivery drivers, a habit his humans hope he licks soon. He’s also very affectionate, with his humans saying he has borderline separation anxiety.


His hip problems make frequent walks a bit difficult, but he has his humans in his corner, ready to help him every step of the way.

Jay says, “We feel we were lucky to get him and he was lucky to get us because we are trying to take care of his hip problems and provide him the best quality life we can, despite his giant tongue.”

You can see more of Bisbee’s impressive tongue in the video below.

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