Just Months After an English Setter’s Tongue Was Deemed the World’s Longest, He’s Been Dethroned

Just a few months after an Arizona pup was given the title of world’s longest tongue on a living dog, he’s been licked by the competition.

Three-year-old English Setter Bisbee was heralded as king of the canine tongues earlier this year, with his 9.49-centimeter, or 3.74-inch, long tongue. That measurement is from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tongue, verified by a qualified veterinarian. Now, after such a measurement, a pooch from Louisiana is the queen.

Guinness World Records recently announced that Zoey, a German Shepherd/lab mix, has taken the title of the owner of world’s longest dog tongue. Her licker measures in at 12.7 centimeters, or five inches! In a news bulletin on the new record, Guinness noted that that’s longer than a soda can.

The nearly 3-year-old is an outdoor enthusiast who loves games, including fetch.

Her humans, Sadie and Drew Williams, say when she was little, her tongue stuck out of her mouth. They thought she’d grow into it, but it just kept growing instead. When she was on her outdoor excursions and panting from all the fun, people took notice. With all that attention, they figured they’d get an official measurement from a veterinarian and submitted the information to Guinness. Not too long after, they found out she had the record.

Plenty of people get to enjoy exposure to this long-tongued celebrity, too.

Drew says, “Every now and then while we’re out taking her on a walk, people will come up to her and want to pet her… We’ll warn them ahead of time ‘Hey, she’s friendly but she might slobber on you’ and every now and then she will, and they’ll have a big slobber mark on their black pants.”

To get a taste of what these passersby experience, check out the video below!

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