Company Debuts The World’s First Wooden Flushable Toilet

When most people imagine toilet seats and bowls, they picture a lovely ceramic throne. A Finnish company is hoping to change that, though, by reimagining the seat with a more sustainable material: wood.

While ceramic originally came from clay, Elux Magazine reports that modern-day ceramic is often mixed with plastic to make it more durable.

Photo: Pexels/Max Rahubovskiy

Those looking to use more sustainable options often opt for wood-based products, but that can only go so far. After all, there are not many bathroom items, like toilets, on the market that are compromised of wood. That might be changing, though, if this company has anything to do with it.

The first-ever wooden toilet seat was recently designed and created by the Finnish company Woodio.

The Block wall hung toilet seat, which ranges in price from 766.13€ to 887.10€, boasts “a soft-closing lid and a seat” that’s compatible with most flushing systems.

In a press release, Woodio revealed its Block wall-hung toilet seat is the world’s first 100% waterproof solid wood composite toilet seat.

Petro Lahtinen, the Founder and CEO of Woodio, said in the press release:

“Woodio offers an ecological alternative to ceramic bathroom products. Based on an innovative wood composite material that we developed in 2017, we make design items such as washbasins, toilets, bathtubs, and wall panels which have considerably reduced CO2 footprint when compared to ceramic products. Our mission is to change the traditional material norms used in bathrooms and kitchens.”

While you might think wood would be harder to clean than ceramic, the seat features a dirt-repellent coating that the company claims make it easy to keep clean. Beyond that, the solid composite wood material keeps the seat a lot warmer than a ceramic seat would be, possibly leading to a more comfortable toileting experience.

Lahtinen said: “The demand for ecological products is growing rapidly. However, the bathroom sector has currently only been able to come up with solutions for reducing water consumption, but there has not been much progress in the material development side in this regard.”

He went on to say, “It is important to find responsible alternatives for household products that can be found in every home. That is why we created the Woodio toilet seat, even though it was the most challenging product we have developed so far. The learnings from this project have already opened up many product application possibilities for Woodio technology, that we will launch in the future.”

The seats come in a range of colors and pull from a Nordic-inspired natural and sharp design. You can learn more about the innovative toilet seats in the product listing here, or check them out on Instagram!

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