World Traveler Sid May Have Finally Found His Forever Home!

A sweet dog in southern Arizona may have finally found his forever home after waiting a year and a half to get one. His name is Sid, and he’s been staying with his foster mom via Lucy’s Hope Sanctuary & Rescue. Like so many small rescues, Lucy’s Hope is completely volunteer based. That means there are no massive fundraisers or paid staff to care for the animals they get off the streets. In Sid’s case, he’s been fortunate to have the stability of one determined foster mom who has never given up on this handsome boy.

Animal Rescue

After highlighting Sid a few times on their social media platforms with zero bites, a writer with The Tucson Dog Magazine decided it was time to knuckle down and get serious about finding him permanent digs. A publication devoted to animal rescue, the writer knew they had to do something out of the ordinary and send Sid on a virtual world tour. Carefully piecing together images of Sid in various settings with hysterical props, Sid soon found himself in Italy, France, Spain, Egypt, Greece, the Swiss alps, Holland, China, and dozens of other locals, including space tourism and a trek to the top of Mt. Everest.

Hard-to-Place Dogs

For whatever reason, some rescue animals are just hard to place through no fault of their own. Such was the case with Sid. A sweet boy, he was described as neutered, crate trained, affectionate, up to date on his shots, leash trained, dog friendly, and he didn’t fart or snore. Add to that he’s a good size, gentle, and good-natured, and what’s not to like, right? Plus, he’s no ugly duckling. Part of the problem was his age. Super energetic and by no means old, as each month ticked by he became less desirable for a lot of folks. Senior pets are by far the hardest to place. Sid was only 6 when he came in, but now he’s pushing 8.

Senior Dogs Rock

Eventually, posting consistently and using #wheressid started to help. Since he became an international gadabout, interest in him picked up, and people even started rooting for him. Now, his foster mom has announced that Sid has entered into a foster-to-adopt situation. While it’s by no means a certainty he’ll be adopted, it’s far more encouraging than it was. If you’d like to keep tabs on Sid’s foster-to-adopt situation or see more of his adventures, look up his hashtag or check in with either @rosypoo05 on Instagram or @lucys_hope_sanctuary_rescue. They’re on Facebook, too.

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