Animal Protection Organization Sets World Record with Pet Vaccination Event

Vaccinating your pet is important for many reasons, including preventing disease and avoiding the need for costly treatments associated with preventable diseases. An animal organization in South Carolina got this message out to thousands of pet owners at a recent event, and set a record in the process.

The Charleston Animal Society held VAX-A-PALOOZA earlier this month, an event at which pets received their shots and microchips for free. There was also a representative from Guinness World Records on hand to track their progress toward a goal: Getting more than 2,000 pledges from pet parents who said they’d keep their pets vaccinated.

They met that with flying colors, gathering 2,226 pledges within 24 hours, beating the old record by nearly 400.

Joe Elmore, Charleston Animal Society President and CEO, said via social media post, “With this World Record, the Lowcountry showed just how much people here truly love their animals. We will always remember that it was here in North Charleston, South Carolina, where hundreds of families turned out to vaccinate and microchip their pets, while setting a World Record.”

The organization noted that with the 1,861 pets they provided care for at VAX-A-PALOOZA, they also set state records for most animals vaccinated at a single event, most animals microchipped at a single event, most animals registered in a digital lost and found system at a single event, and most veterinarians participating in a single event.

There were more than 30 veterinarians on hand, and there was big turnout from other support staff, as well, with more than 230 volunteers and staff coming from some distance to help.

Elmore said, “These veterinarians, support staff and volunteers, from throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, and as far away as Boston, allowed VAX-A-PALOOZA to break a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD™ title and demonstrated the magnitude of what we can accomplish working shoulder-to-shoulder for the benefit of animals and the families who love them.”

Charleston Animal Society has been doing this sort of work for nearly 150 years. According to its website, it was formed in 1874 as one of the country’s first animal protection organizations. It works to prevent cruelty to animals, and it benefits nearly 20,000 animals per year.

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