23-Year-Old Breaks World Record For Planting The Most Trees In One Day

A 23-year-old man from Quebec has just smashed the world record for planting the most trees in one day.

That record-holder, Antoine Moses, planted more than 23,000 trees in 24 hours in La Crete, Alberta, Canada.

Photo: TikTok/@antomos

The Guinness World Records confirmed the record on its website, stating Antoine Moses planted 23,060 trees in 24 hours.

For his record-breaking tree planting day, Antoine started at 4:00 AM. He shared on TikTok that within the first 5 hours, he’d planted more than 5,000 trees. That’s over 1,000 trees planted per hour! Wow.

Photo: TikTok/@antomos

Antoine kept up the pace, and by hour 10, he’d planted some 10,000 trees.

At hour 15, Antoine officially broke the previous world record by planting 15,171 trees. While some people would stop while they were ahead, Antoine kept going and managed to not only break the record but shatter it!

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His work ethic and skill are impressive, but they didn’t come quickly. He’s been planting trees for 6 years so he’s got a nice belt of experience to pull from for the marathon tree-planting days.

It’s nice to see someone take on a hobby that helps the planet and all of us who live here.

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We could all do our part to help out by choosing greener options and maybe planting a tree here or there.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could even attempt to break Antoine’s record! Even if you fail, it’s a win for the planet and there’s something to be said for that.

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