A Deep Dive into the Subtle Secrets of Owls

When we look at the world around us, we are often surprised by the number of animals that share our planet. Some of these are obvious, and we may see them every day, but others tend to stay hidden unless you look very carefully.

That is the case with owls, and there are about 250 different species in existence. These birds will sometimes live in trees, but a particular species, known as burrowing owls, will live underground.

Photos: YouTube / CBS Sunday Morning

They can be found in different areas, but one area where they are thriving is Hermiston, Oregon. An Army depot that was eventually turned into a chemical depot had been built in the area in 1941.

When you look at this area, you can still see the bunkers where sarin gas was stored. If you look beyond that and take a closer look, you will see that there are 50 pairs of burrowing owls that exist in the area.

A Man Who Loves Owls

One person who is very familiar with this is David Johnson. He has spent the majority of his life studying owls and doing what he can to help the species.

One way that he has been helping is by building artificial burrows for the burrowing owl species. He and a small team also track the owls by studying them and tagging them.

Photos: YouTube / CBS Sunday Morning

His fixation on this particular bird is not without precedent. Civilizations have been interested in owls for thousands of years, and they even shape the culture in many areas.

Learning More About Owls And Our Culture

In order to learn more about this, Johnson interviewed many people from different cultures. The more he learns about these beautiful birds, the more he loves and appreciates what they have to offer.

Unfortunately, Johnson is not able to do all that he used to do for the burrowing owls. He has stage IV cancer, but he still does all he can to help these creatures to survive and thrive.

In addition, the Army has transferred thousands of acres back to the tribes, allowing those owls to thrive as well.

You can learn more in this video:

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