Sorry, I Know My Worth: Employee Walks Out on Boss’s Offer of Big Raise and Bonus

“Truthfully, it was the blatant disrespect. I was denied a raise just a month prior. If they were able to almost double my annual income within a 10-minute phone call, it’s evident how much they had been underpaying me,” ApprehensiveDoggo told Newsweek. “Companies seem to have a bigger hiring budget than they do for employee retention, and it’s a huge reason why so many people job hop these days, as it’s the only way to get a leg up.”

Posted on Reddit’s Antiwork forum, this story garnered more than 35k votes and hundreds of comments. It’s a common experience among workers, with the majority choosing to leave their companies to earn what they really deserve. Companies squeeze their employees as much as possible, but it’s they who suffer big losses in the end when their best workers leave for good.

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In the case of ApprehensiveDoggo, he had been loyal to his company and contributed a lot to its profit. He wrote, “I work in sales and have been with this company for 3 years. Had an amazing customer base and have never had a single complaint. I work hard and get sh*t done. Over 11 million in sales YTD, and they are only paying me $55,000 salary. (Yikes).”

Then, an amazing thing happened! OP wrote, “I got a job offer with a competitor, and with salary, commission, and bonuses it works out to over 100k.”

Who would not grab an opportunity like that? After all, with all of his efforts and loyalty, his company had no appreciation for his value as an employee. However, when OP gave his resignation, his boss called up the CEO, and within 10 minutes, they were offering him a 70k base, with a 30k bonus!

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OP’s reply? “I said, ‘If you were paying me what I was worth from the start, we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place.'”

And off he went to a greener pasture where fair compensations, commissions, and performance-based bonuses are provided to deserving employees.

His advice to fellow workers: Know your worth, people! Greedy companies will always try to undercut you.

One Reddit commenter wrote, “People underestimate the importance of finding people you work really well with. I’ve had a lot of turnover at my company recently, and, while some of the new folks are great people and seem like solid workers, I had a coworker who left that felt like we had some kind of telepathy. I miss her like crazy, but I know shes pursuing a better opportunity in a different department now. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to follow her over to that department down the road. Best cooperation I’ve ever had in the workplace.”

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Another Reddit user remarked, “They think certain jobs should only get paid a certain rate. Your education and experience don’t matter. If they can pay you less, they will. It’s all about how they make up the pay scale and how they value the job. You have nothing to do with it, and they don’t give a damn about giving raises to keep people, because they only want to pay a certain amount for a certain position.”

Meanwhile, another commenter shared this story, “I had a friend who was a CE major, and good at it too. Worked at a German auto company making 55-60k a year. Kept asking for a raise and management was always ‘working on it.’ Finally got fed up and started applying for other jobs, got an offer for 120k. Puts in his resignation and suddenly your raise to 80k was just approved! He had to explain:
A. He doesn’t care anymore, he’s already accepted the other offer and
B. Their raise is still 40k short of his current starting salary.”

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