You Can Replace Me in an Hour? Go, Ahead Make My Day, Says Worker

“This is exactly why I do it. I watched my parents slave away for corporations because they felt like they didn’t have a choice, watched them get run over when it came to promotions. I will not be humiliated in front of my co-workers, I will not make less than I deem I’m worth, and I will ask for a raise every damn month if I want. I do not work for the company, I work for myself, and the second you start screwing me, I’ll drop you faster than they can say ‘right to work state.'”

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These are the words of a dignified employee who walked out on his toxic boss who boasted he could have him replaced in 60 minutes after quitting.

With more than 93,000 votes on Reddit’s r/antiwork and thousands of comments, this tough employee surely captured the sentiments of many workers — some of them as bold as he is, others who feel the pain of being underdogs.

Published under the handle u/LOLU2012, OP described what happened next in an update: “Spammed my phone my 10-min car ride home with texts and calls wanting me to ‘come talk about it’ and not to ‘make rash decisions’…but I thought I was oh so replaceable?”

Well, this is truly a valuable lesson to learn for toxic bosses. You can push people only up to a certain limit. Yes, there are employees who are scared of change and taking risks; that’s why they endure deplorable working conditions. But there are those people who refuse to be abused as well.

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No, it doesn’t really matter if any of those toxic bosses try to learn from such kinds of experiences. Most of them would just put the blame on someone else until they get kicked out for their despicable management style. Nevertheless, the decision to leave a highly toxic environment may be the best a worker can do for his mental health and happiness.

This comment from Catri will likewise make you smile, proving that toxic bosses are not indispensable creatures: “I had a manager that held a stack of applications for Panda Express and would give them to people if they complained about their job. Funnily enough, Panda Express paid more than we got paid at the time. Other managers found out about it and made him quit after a few employees left for there and were making more.”

Ha! Ha!

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