The Trouble with Work and Having a Boss Who Continues to Disrespect Your Days Off

Resting and spending a day away from work can help someone avoid burnout. People have other things to prioritize regarding their personal life — making time for family, friends, and, most importantly, for themselves. For this reason, employees are allowed to have days off, which is a right and not something to be earned. Companies must respect their workers’ time and understand that they have lives outside of work. Even though they have their employee’s contact information, they should refrain from disturbing their days off.

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However, some bosses continue to do this practice. They suddenly call their employee during weekends or days off and ask them to work on a particular task. Those kinds of employers even have the audacity to feel annoyed when employees won’t answer calls and messages during their day off. It’s a common struggle in any work. Sometimes the boss even commands the person to go to the office in a very disrespectful manner. It’s quite bothersome if this habit becomes a norm, but people are making ways to spread awareness about this issue.

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Redditors have been sharing their experiences on the comment section of a post by pyschologicalprowler. OP wrote her struggle with a boss who continues to disrespect her days off and calls an employee lazy if they ignore his inquiries. “My boss has this god awful habit of texting me on my days off or out my working hours and I know that If I begin to respond his answers, he will start doing it more. This has gone to the point of asking me to do work-related tasks from my computer on my day off,” OP explained.

To make matters worse, the boss has been giving her tasks that aren’t even urgent. He would just disturb her with something that can be done during her shift. “I am not obliged to work or attend messages outside of my shift, I can do it if I volunteer to help but the issue is that he has been giving me orders in moments where I am not available, and this has represented problems in the past.” With how relatable her problem is, psychologicalprowler gained 9.2k upvotes and 1.0k comments.

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Reddit users who had the same issue with their boss shared their experiences and even gave OP some advice to finally have a full day off. “If I ever do end up reading messages, I mark them as unread so that I remember to get back to them when I am actually at work. Delaying responses is also a good idea. If someone texts you on a Saturday, reply Monday morning – without apologising for the delay replying (because it really wasn’t your responsibility), as if you just got the text,” cookiecrumbzzz suggested.

It’s commendable advice to help OP remind her boss that other matters in life take up her time. Perhaps the boss will eventually realize that OP isn’t going to answer on weekends or days off. Cwlcymro also advised to not install the messaging apps used in your work. This way, you will be totally away from work when your computer or laptop is turned off. Others also pointed out that you don’t have to apologize if you give your boss a delayed reply. Never say sorry for using your rights and giving yourself time to breathe.

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The comment section is filled with advice that you might also want to take note of, especially if you’re in a similar situation. Also, if you were able to overcome such a situation, you might want to add recommendations that are not yet mentioned by other Redditors. Help people realize that although their boss has the authority in the office, that doesn’t mean they have the right to invade your personal space during days off.

It’s important that a lot of people are still aware that this issue must not be normalized. People have got to break the cycle to create companies that have a healthy working environment. Employees have been working nonstop during their shifts for the best of the company. The least an employer can do is respect their time and let them have a life.

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