Kentucky Animal Shelter Works To Find Its Longest Resident A Forever Home

When dogs end up at an animal shelter, it can be incredibly stressful for them. Life in a kennel isn’t comparable to life with a loving family, a home, and a yard.

Many dogs that are overlooked end up euthanized, and that would’ve been Donatello’s fate if it hadn’t been for the Woodford Humane Society in Versailles, Kentucky.

The shelter doesn’t support unnesessary animal euthanasia, which gave Donatella the chance to find his perfect forever family without a ticking clock looming.

Unfortunately, weeks turned to months and Donatella continued to live at the shelter with no one interested in adopting him. He’s now been there for four years and the shelter is desperate to find him a home.

They took to Facebook to share about him and raise awareness for how long he’s beeen there.

They explained that he’s a 5 1/2 years old pitbull who weighs around 62 pounds. He was brought into the shelter back in May of 2019.

They said, “Donatello has watched 1,189 other dogs and puppies walk past him through the kennel on their way to forever homes.”

“He is now officially our longest resident ever,” they added.

Photo: Facebook/Woodford Humane Society

They went on to speculate for why Donatello was overlooked all these years. They said, “Donatello checks a lot of the boxes that make pets easily overlooked by adopters: he’s a large, black dog; he’s a mature adult; and he’s a pit bull. There’s got to be somebody out there who will see all the things that make him shine, instead.”

They shared that he’s loving and affectionate, but has a high prey drive and wouldn’t do well in a home with small kids or other pets. Outdoor cats or other small pets who cross his path could be in trouble, so it’s important that he stays alone and is kept securely.

They added that he’s crate trained and “a belly-rub connoisseur.” When he’s not taking over the couch, he can be found doing zoomies around the house. The staff noted that he’s a “perfect wrecking ball” during his zoomies, which is part of the reason a house with younger children isn’t advised.

Photo: Facebook/Woodford Humane Society

Since being shared on Facebook, the post began to catch the attention of a lot of people. The shelter sadly wrote an update in the comments that the post was “seen by over 14,000 people and we haven’t gotten a single call.”

On Donatello’s four-year anniversary of being at the shelter, they were pleased to announce that he had a meeting scheduled with a potential adopter. It’s been several days since then and they haven’t shared that he’s been adopted, but hopefully all the attention he’s received will help the perfect family find him.

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