Wood Ducks Strut Across The Street In Adorable Video

If you’ve never seen a wood duck dance, you’re in for a treat.

Martha Gane shared the video on YouTube writing: “I don’t know why the Woodcock crossed the road, but they sure do it with panache!”

Photo: YouTube/Rainforest Earth

In her clip, you can see a duo of wood ducks walking across the street but the way they walk is more of a strut or a dance!

The little ducks bob and bounce as they make their way across the road and it’s strangely cute.

Photo: YouTube/Rainforest Earth

According to TheCornellLab’s All About Birds, wood ducks tend to live in bottomland forests, swamps, beaver ponds, and freshwater marshes. They tend to stay near water, but when food is scarce they “may take to dry land to eat acorns and other nuts from forests and grain from fields.”

Perhaps the ducks in Martha’s video were on a quest for some food.

Photo: YouTube/Rainforest Earth

Regardless of why they were crossing the street,t one thing is certain: they’re adorable!

You can see their fancy strut in the video below:

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