Raccoon With Bottle Trapped On Her Head Approaches Women For Help

Talk about the right place, and the right time. Two young women happened to be around just in time for a little raccoon to ask for help.

In a video, which was taken by one of the girls’ moms, it was revealed that a small raccoon with its head stuck inside a plastic container.

Photo: YouTube/RM Videos

According to RM Videos, one of them then shared that “he came up to us like he was asking for help.”

That is quite a clever move on the raccoon’s part to ask for assistance. The two young women were more than happy to oblige. Given that the raccoon’s head was stuck inside a plastic container, it was crucial to get it off as soon as possible. The poor thing needed to breathe.

Photo: YouTube/RM Videos

One of the women was working quickly to cut a hole in the bottom of the plastic bottle so that the raccoon could have some air while they worked to free him. The raccoon was understandably anxious, being stuck inside a plastic bottle, but the girls reassured him that he’d be okay.

After they cut him an air hole, they worked to get the rest of the plastic off. Mom watched from the background, filming the entire rescue. It was a successful one in the end, with the two women being able to free the little raccoon.

Photo: YouTube/RM Videos

He was a shy little guy, not really one for being held. And as soon as he was freed, he quickly ran away.

Check out the video down below:

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