When It Comes to Clothes with Extra-Convenient Pockets, Guys Are Luckier than Girls!

Reddit’s r/funny sub-community has people laughing online with this recent video entitled, “Women ‘Why do our clothes have no pockets?!’ Men on the other hand…”!

With more than 80k views, this post will also make you think just why women don’t have this kind of convenient clothing. Of course, there are women’s clothes that have pockets on them. But certainly unlike this one.

Photo: Reddit Video/u/Random_Guy_47

But women must also admit that most of them dress more for fashion than functionality. That is why there are also numerous women’s accessories, like bags, belts, scarves, jewelry, etc, to complement their clothes. Not to mention the makeup and perfume they put on to appear very confident and fabulous.

And looking into the history of women’s fashion is just as fascinating as that of men’s clothing, which has elegance combined with comfort of its own. As Michelle McVidkerm, an education assistant at the Museum at FIT, explained in her two-part video about a century of women’s fashion: “Fashion is an important form of self-expression and one of the most accessible forms of visual culture.”

Delving into said history, did you know that women had been wearing corsets for four hundred years before brassieres were invented in 1914? Corsets at that time symbolized a woman’s beauty, self-discipline, and social status.

Petticoats were also in vogue during that period, complementing the small waist appearance created by tightly-laced corsets.

But, in the late 19th century, as women started to join the workforce and became more active, the feminine day suit took inspiration from men’s clothing in color and tailoring. Nonetheless, the day suit remained feminine with full skirts and puffed sleeves.

Furthermore, according to the Museum of FIT, it was Parisian couturier Paul Poiret who liberated women from wearing corsets, while French fashion designer Gabrielle Coco Chanel became the icon for the liberated women after the war. At this period, knee-length skirts and modern undergarments such as brassieres and girdles became popular feminine choices.

Then, with the arrival of Yves Saint Laurent on the fashion scene, women started donning trousers and projecting chic and daring styles. On the other hand, it was American designer Halston who made sarong-tied dresses a fad.

And yes, throughout the 20th century, women’s fashion has evolved in numerous wondrous ways! Now, women have a really vast selection of clothing to express themselves according to their unique personalities, dreams, needs, and environment.

No pockets like this man on the video? Not really missing anything at all, according to the ladies!

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