A Woman Impressively Became a Mom to Two Precious Wombats

It’s a difficult world out there for orphaned animals. Without parental guidance, they might not survive due to various reasons. Thankfully, rescuers and rehabilitation centers are willing to give them a home. Those individuals or organizations make efforts to maintain the species’ population. Animals deserve to live, especially when their existence is vital to the planet. Taking care of wild animals might sound scary, but there are countless proofs of their cute and soft side. Once they realize your genuine intention, they’ll be the sweetest and most playful creatures.

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However, as a caretaker, you must remember they are still from the wild. Those animals still need to experience the outdoors, especially somewhere similar to their natural habitat. Parenting animals is a commitment that Sharon from ACT Wildlife impressively accomplished. She became the human mother of two orphaned wombats named Chester and Mimi. Although wombats look cute, they can still be a danger to humans if threatened. Sharon was able to win the heart of her two precious marsupials — both raised in her house since they were joeys. Chester and Mimi were babies of different wombats who had the same cause of death. Both mothers were sadly involved in a car accident.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“From day one, Chester and Mimi shared their lives, their space. I would put them separately in their pouch. Chester was usually the one who climbed into bed with Mimi, so they would both be squeezed into the same pouch,” Sharon explained. The two wombats didn’t just gain a mother but also a sibling. Sharon admitted that it was difficult caring for two babies from the start. It became more challenging when both became more playful and adventurous. They were also destructive — Sharon even called them little bulldozers. As they grew up, their personalities eventually showed. Chester was more mischievous, while Mimi was the calm sister. It was like a typical sibling relationship — different personalities, yet they wonderfully matched.

During the earlier days, Sharon allowed them to freely roam indoors. Although Chester was too chaotic due to his energy, the house became livelier whenever he and Mimi played. “When they start getting bigger, we start giving them outdoor play. At bottle time, you’d have one on your lap feeding and the other one would be jumping at your legs kind of saying, ‘My turn, my turn, my turn,’” Sharon shared. They absolutely are similar to human toddlers! Sharon did a great job figuring out how to attend to Chester and Mimi’s needs simultaneously. It might be tiring, but everything’s worth it, especially when they grow up healthy.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“They spend every minute of every day pretty much together. When they’re about 12 months old, they move outside into an outdoor enclosure. Their enclosure is in my backyard,” the wombat mom said. Sharon has truly shown dedication to her two babies as she dug up her backyard to build burrows for them. Wild animals still need to experience their actual life, and as their momma, Sharon had to teach them the ways. Maintenance might be time-consuming, but she ensured that they’ll have a comfortable outdoor life. However, like any other mother, it’s saddening to see babies grow up so fast. One day they’re clingy to you, then the next thing you know they’re busy with other things.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Chester and Mimi may have become independent, but they still check on their mom. “They’ll come over and see what I’m doing, but they don’t demand to get up on my lap for cuddles anymore like they used to. It’s a bit sad as a carer; they don’t need their mom quite so much anymore,” Sharon shared. Regardless of the changes, she’s still looking out for them — prepared to help and shower them with affection. Also, it is part of her job to lessen interaction as they become adults. Chester and Mimi will be released in the wild someday, but they are forever Sharon’s little ones. They have grown into healthy and lovely wombats, which you can see in the video below.

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