Woman Becomes a Devoted Parent to her Adopted Squirrels

Having the lifestyle of a pet parent is a choice. People are often driven by their love for animals and adopt a pet or two. Those people are the ones who have been taking care of animals since they were kids. Their love for animals knows no bounds — being a pet parent has been their calling. It’s lovely that pet parents chose a road to provide hope for animals — giving them the life they deserve.

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But sometimes, a person can unexpectedly turn into a pet parent. They spent time planning the future, and pet adoption did not even cross their mind. Life just amazingly led them to someone — an animal that will bring positive changes with love. They did not choose the pet parenting life; it chose them. Interestingly, Cindy had a similar experience that she shared with GeoBeats Animals. Her life went completely different when she suddenly became a full-time pet mom. More surprisingly, it wasn’t a cat or dog; she found a squirrel.

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“One evening, my boyfriend and I were driving home, and we saw something on the road. It was a baby squirrel, and she was wet,” Cindy narrated. “It was pretty late in the day, and it was chilly outside. So I took Sammy home.” Since then, her pet parenting journey began. Although Cindy had no idea about caring for a baby squirrel, she did her best through research. The baby squirrel she named Sammy just found a warm home — meeting Cindy was serendipitous.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

It has been three years since Cindy found Sammy. She’s completely happy and healthy due to Cindy’s excellent nurturing skills. And it wasn’t just Sammy who got to experience Cindy’s love. Barkley, a male squirrel, entered their lives as well.

“A girl on Instagram actually sent me a message about him. She had found this young male squirrel and needed to find somebody that could take him,” Cindy shared. Without thinking twice, the squirrel mom brought in a friend for Sammy. However, the two squirrels didn’t get along first until after a couple of months. Cindy’s adorable squirrels are now the best of friends.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Cindy devoted her time to creating a safe space and warm home for the two squirrels. When she became a squirrel mom, vacations rarely happened for her anymore. Her house turned into a loving nest for her adorable squirrels — specifically the living room. It’s excellent that Sammy and Barkley became close, and Cindy could leave the house without the two causing any trouble.

She even shared that Barkley is a lot closer to Sammy these days. Cindy believes that maybe it’s because Barkley didn’t grow up with her since he was a baby. Still, they have this parent-child bond that Cindy wouldn’t trade for the world. She considers herself lucky for having Sammy and Barkley in her life. The two squirrels filled her life with light and love. It’s evident that their bond is unbreakable; you can witness that in the video below. You can even follow them on Instagram. You’ll get to see the life of a full-time pet parent — it’s terrific even without getting a vacation.

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