Woman Scares Bear Away Using Her Stern ‘Teacher Voice’

Imagine looking out your back door one day to see a large black bear making its way across your balcony. What would you do?

To be perfectly honest, I’d probably panic and start screaming. Nothing productive would come from that encounter.

But everyone reacts differently to perceived danger.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

For one woman in North Carolina, a bear on her vacation home’s porch was a surprise – but not one that she was going to let get away with being on her property uninvited.

The woman, Debbie Tomlinson, was enjoying her time at her vacation home when she spotted the unexpected visitor. Debbie, who is a retired school teacher, was at first shocked, but then she quickly sprang into action.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

She tried to scare away the bear by knocking loudly on the glass door. However, that didn’t seem to faze the bear. It continued its trek across her porch as though nothing happened.

That is when she decided to be more direct. Given that she was a former high school English teacher, she had experience dealing with unruly students. She never let them get away with breaking the rules, and she wasn’t going to let this bear get away with anything either.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

That is when she brought out her “teacher’s voice.” We all know exactly what she was referring to. I’m 32 and I can still remember the fear that a teacher’s stern voice would bring if I was caught talking in class. Well, that’s the kind of authoritative voice that she used to scare the bear away! But more surprising was that it worked!

Watch the video down below:

What do you think of this retired teacher’s “teacher voice”? Have you ever had to scare off wildlife like that? Let us know!

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