Woman Reunited With Heirloom Wedding Ring 8 Days After Losing It In The Ocean

A woman was reunited with her wedding ring after it was lost in the ocean thanks to help from the community.

Francesca Teal was enjoying a day in New Hampshire when her wedding ring tragically fell into the ocean.

Not only was the diamond ring worth monetary value, but it also held a lot of sentimental value having once belonged to her great-grandmother.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Boston

The ring was a family heirloom and Teal searched hours for it but came up empty-handed.

According to The Boston Globe, Teal explained that she was playing catch with a football in the ocean at North Beach in Hampton, New Hampshire when her wedding ring slipped off and got lost in the waves.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Speaking with NBC Boston, she said, “It’s a very small piece of material in this huge ocean. In that moment my heart sank.”

Hoping for a miracle, Teal posted about her ring on Facebook and asked anyone who goes to the beach to be on the lookout for it.

The post was shared thousands of times and a man named Lou Asci happened to see it. Lou owns a metal detector and he likes going out to look for lost items and little treasures. He decided to head to the area Teal lost her ring and start searching.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Boston

Lou spent hours searching for the ring, but his efforts weren’t in vain. After spending 15 hours over the span of three days, Lou found a ring and prayed it was the one Teal had lost. He sent a photo of the ring to Teal and she couldn’t believe what he’d had – it was her lost ring!

“The ocean has plenty of rings. This one doesn’t belong in the ocean,” Lou told CBS Boston.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Boston

The community really came together and shared Teal’s Facebook post far and wide which ultimately resulted in Lou dedicating hours to find the missing ring.

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