Abandoned in a Box, A Blind Puppy Gets a Chance to Live and Be Happy

Ashley was on her way home when she noticed something that was left in a driveway.

A box. Should she be alarmed? Who left it there and why?

Ashley sensed some movement from the small box, and then she heard faint whines.

Quickly, she took the mysterious box and opened it. There, she found the tiniest puppy that she had ever seen!

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Ashley called up a local vet, who advised her how to take care of the very young puppy. And so, she and her family did as instructed to help it survive.

Ashley decided to call the puppy Jackson, and she learned that he was only three weeks old — too young to be separated from his mother. Taking care of him required a lot of effort, with their family monitoring his health 24 hours a day.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

There was another family member who helped take care of Jackson and make life delightful for him too – their cat named Dan.

But Ashley still sensed that something was wrong with their new puppy. She took him back to the vet, who informed her that, due to heartless neglect, Jackson has been afflicted with blindness and hearing impairment.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Ashley’s heart broke upon hearing those words, but she became even more determined to make every moment of his life comfortable and blissful for Jackson.

Her family, including Dan, helped Jackson to successfully adapt to his new world with his other senses. Now, he’s growing up full of energy, joy, love, and enthusiasm for life!

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