Woman Rescues Owl From The Road And Asks Social Media For Help

We sometimes hear about dogs and cats that get rescued from the streets. They end up having a better life and we applaud the efforts and sacrifice of those rescuers.

When we look at the world around us, however, we realize that it isn’t only dogs and cats that need rescuing. Sometimes, other animals are in need, and we want to do what we can to save them.

Photo: TikTk/@reeebs1

Such was the case when Kate Riba (@reeebs1) found an owl in need along a road. She was driving along when she found what she described as “a rag” and knew that she had to take action.

After grabbing the owl up from such a precarious situation, she took a video and shared it with her followers on TikTok. It went viral.

Photo: TikTk/@reeebs1

She told us in the video that she was shaking because she had an owl in her hand, and she needed help. She said: “He’s just staring at me, and I don’t think one of his feet work properly.”

Riba was concerned because she was “literally going to witness this thing get murdered,” but she was there to save the day.

After this first encounter and a plea for help from her followers, she posted a follow-up video.

Photo: TikTk/@reeebs1

Riba decided to take the owl to a 24/7 vet. Although he was “chill,” she knew that something wasn’t right.

Unfortunately, she had a hard time finding a vet because it was Easter Sunday. When she did finally find a vet, they took the owl in and said they would release him if possible.

@reeebs1 bird update. tl;dr i took him to 3 vets and the third one took him in #bird #savedbird #tawnyfrogmouths ♬ Originalton – light3dits

In an additional follow-up clip, she revealed that the bird was transferred to the RSPCA.

@reeebs1 heres the bird update so far!! thanks for all the support xx #bird #tawnyfrogmouths #savedbird ♬ Infinity – Jaymes Young

Considering it went to the RSPCA, that meant the vet didn’t have to put the bird down and they can rehabilitate it!

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