Woman Rescues Massive Bald Eagle With Her Hands

Being a wildlife rehabilitator is not a job for the faint of heart! It takes a lot of work and dedication, and no two days are the same.

Wildlife rehabilitator Nikki Christian (@nikkis_haven) had quite a task in front of her when she received a call about an injured bald eagle in Calhoun, Kentucky.

She responded to the location where the bird was struggling and managed to capture it. What’s impressive is that while she tried to pin the bird down with a blanket, she ended up grabbing her with her hands!

Nikki shared a video of the “crazy bald eagle rescue” on TikTok where it received thousands of views.

Photo: TikTok/@nikkis_haven
Photo: TikTok/@nikkis_haven

She shared in the comments that while they initially suspected the bald eagle had been hit by a car, further evaluation pointed to the bird suffering from the Bird Flu or West Nile Virus.

You can see the rescue video below:


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♬ original sound – Nikki Christian

Nikki gave the bird sugar water and cared for her, but it quickly became apparent that the animal needed more specialized raptor care.

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Nikki shared on TikTok that the eagle was transferred to the care of Kristin with Nurture to Nature.

Nikki shared in an update video that the bald eagle was “very ill” and they weren’t sure if he’d make it.

Photo: TikTok/@nurture2nature

They offered him oxygen and tube fed him before transferring him to Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary.

Check out the video below:

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Nikki shared in a Facebook comment that the bird did survive, but it’s unclear how long he survived or if he was ever released back into the wild.

We can only hope for the best!

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