Woman Called Selfish For Refusing To Change Her Cat’s Name For A New Baby

Choosing a name for a pet can be fun and exciting, but if you adopt a pet from a shelter, they may come with a name.

Some people choose to keep shelter names, but others choose fresh names to start over with. Reddit user u/RiverRiden was in the former camp, as she adopted a cat from a shelter who was named Millie.

Photo: Pexels/Helena Lopes

She took to Reddit and said, “So I recently adopted a wonderful sweetie of a shelter cat named Millie. That’s the name that the shelter gave her. I thought it suited her and she responds to it, so I didn’t change it.”

Apparently, the Reddit user’s pregnant cousin, Carrie, also likes the name Millie, and she likes it so much that she wants to name her baby that.

While many people wouldn’t think twice about the name of pets when choosing a baby’s name, Carrie was seemingly bothered by her child sharing a name with an animal.

Photo: Pexels/Matilda Wormwood

u/RiverRiden explained in the Reddit post, “[Carrie] DMed me to ask me to change Millie’s name, because she and her fiancé really liked that name for their daughter. I refused because my cat had her name first, and Carrie called me selfish for valuing a ‘stupid cat’ over her daughter. I told her that my cat is not stupid and that I wouldn’t mind if her baby shared a name with my cat, but if it was an issue for her, she could choose a different name. She again called me selfish and said she had to go.”

u/RiverRiden ended the post asking if she was being selfish as Carrie suggested, or if Carrie was being unreasonable. They added, “I went to my sister (a mother herself, so I hoped she’d offer some perspective) and she said that she understands where I was coming from but that babies should come before pets. She said that it would be really kind of me to change my cat’s name and that she knows how important a couple’s ‘dream name’ is.”

Photo: Pexels/Helena Lopes

After the post was created, thousands of people jumped in to comment and share their thoughts. According to the people of Reddit, Carrie is absolutely being unreasonable since Millie had her name first.

“DON’T change your cat’s name. There are thousands of people and animals who share names. Your cousin can use the same or choose another,” one person commented. Others joked that she should change the cat’s name to “Carrie.”

Do you think she should change her cat’s name? Let us know!

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