Her Friend Is Mad Because They Opened Her Amazon Package

We all have things that are private in our lives. We like to keep them private as well, because it gives us a sense of well-being to know that our personal information is not being shared with others.

For many years, this was the case with the Postal Service. There was an unspoken rule, and even a spoken rule, that you should never open mail that belongs to somebody else.

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We live in a world today, however, where we get packages and mail almost on a daily basis. Some of it is junk, but others include things that we order, especially in the age of online shopping.

That is where this story comes in. It was originally posted on Reddit but was deleted. Fortunately, we still get to enjoy the story because it was saved on the Internet archive.

It begins with a 24-year-old woman talking about how she had a friend for five years. She admits that they were very close and they even worked at the same place.

When her friend was in the bathroom, a package arrived from Amazon. Rather than waiting for her to come out of the bathroom, she, and some of her friends, opened the package.

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When her friend got out of the bathroom, she was extremely upset and said they had no right to open the package. Even though it was only a T-shirt, she was still irritated.

The woman claims, however, that they were only messing around and were curious. She also thought that their friendship was close enough that she had nothing to hide.

What do you think – did she cross some unspoken line, or is her friend overreacting?

Since she had originally posted it on Reddit, the comments are still there. Although there were some people who commented on both sides of the issue, the majority of them said that she was in the wrong.

They said that she had no right to open somebody’s personal mail and even pointed out the fact that doing so is a criminal offense.

I guess this one is case closed.

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