Reddit Users Share Woman’s Disgust for a Burly Man who Invaded Her Space on a Plane

Respect your limited space.

Yes, this is part of airplane travel etiquette that people should observe for a pleasant and comfortable trip. Consideration for others is of primary importance since we’ll be traveling with them for a period of time. It’s not necessary to strike up a friendship with those on board, but we should treat our fellow passengers the way we want to be treated.

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And since the World Health Organization has already announced that there are now signs of the pandemic finally ending after two years, you may be among those yearning to go on trips again.

Well, to help you enjoy not just your tour but the flight itself, here’s the plane travel etiquette to guide you from Reader’s Digest:

  1. Get your boarding pass and ID ready as you get near airport security. Even if you’re waiting in line, you can help quicken the process by preparing your stuff to be placed on the conveyor.
  2. Board and pack your bags with courtesy. As more passengers get on a plane, there’s competition for bin space. Put your carry-on bag into the overhead compartment vertically, not horizontally, to maximize space. If you have another bag, you can place it under your seat where space is also provided.
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  4. Lend a fellow traveller a hand. If someone else is trying to put a bag into the overhead compartment, you can offer your help to accomplish the task faster. This benefits everyone since the boarding process becomes more efficient.
  5. If a family needs to sit together, offer to swap seats. It’s another kind gesture, and the good deed will lift your spirits.
  6. Respect your limited space. You should keep your legs within the width of your chair’s frame. Also, letting the middle-seat passenger use the armrests will add to their comfort.
  7. Be mindful of your personal belongings just like your personal space. Avoid disturbing other passengers by constantly reaching out for your personal items. Make sure that once you take your seat, you have everything you need for the flight.
  8. Photo: YouTube/Fashionable Stepmum
  9. Be sensitive when it comes to conversation. Many passengers like to travel in peace. And even if someone wants to chat with you, make sure that you speak in a low voice.
  10. You may want to take a nap, but be sure to remain mindful of your space. Use a travel pillow to help you rest better. Avoid reclining your seat because it will make the space tighter for the passenger behind you.
  11. Don’t rush when disembarking. Most people hurry to get their bags and get to the exit door once the plane has reached its destination. Take the time to thank the flight attendants for the service and pleasurable trip.

No, it’s not a perfect world. Some people disregard good manners and etiquette, causing discomfort to others, just like this passenger whose mindless manspreading made a woman’s travel extremely uncomfortable. She was on the flight with this burly man for 4 hours.

What to do in case that happens to you? Politely remind the person that you need your leg room since you may get cramps. You can also place a moderately-sized object that will keep both of you within your respective spaces, in case your fellow passenger keeps forgetting where the boundary is.

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