Canadian Woman Gives Homeless Man A Job On Her Farm And Changes His Life

Life has a way of causing problems for many of us and at times, those problems can be challenging to overcome. Some people may even find themselves without a place to live after struggling with what life throws in their direction.

We sometimes see these individuals standing on the corner, asking for help. Many people turn a blind eye to their needs, but sometimes we want to find out what is going on behind the sign they are holding.

Photo: Flickr/Jorge Franganillo License: CC BY 2.0

A Canadian woman named Danielle MacDuff decided to do just that. According to GoFundMe, she saw Brian Bannister standing on the street corner collecting change in Newcastle, Ontario and it got her interest.

Rather than just passing by, she decided to stop and have a chat. They ended up talking for 20 minutes, and in the end, she invited him to come work on her farm the next day.

60-year-old Bannister was having a rough time of it. He was living in a shed after overcoming addiction, was a survivor of abuse, and had lost two wives. He had essentially given up two years ago.

Photo: GoFundMe/Danielle MacDuff

MacDuff was about to change his life. In speaking with CTV News Toronto, Bannister spoke about how surprised he was with her kind offer. He is also thankful that he gets to thank her every day.

MacDuff works with Bannister as they do the heavy lifting on the farm. They care for 200 animals, including cows, horses, goats, and dogs.

Photo: Pexels/Pixabay

Along with getting a job, MacDuff also gave him the first haircut that he had in two years. She provided him with a phone and started a GoFundMe to help get him back on his feet and find a suitable place to live. The fundraiser has already raised more than $10,000 CAD (around $7,200).

MacDuff was really taken by the support and love shown by those who donated and shared. Meanwhile, she is enjoying the friendship she has developed with Bannister.

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