Woman Helps Naked Hermit Crab Find A New Shell

Rebecca (Instagram user @socal.shelling) is a self-proclaimed “lover of all things beachy.”

Based in Southern California, she regularly finds her way to the beach to enjoy the sand, sun, ocean, and occasional shells.

Photo: Instagram/@socal.shelling

On one particular trip to the beach, she happened to spot something unusual: a hermit crab without a shell.

While hermit crabs don’t naturally have shells and acquire them after they’re born, it’s not common to see them walking around shell-less in the tide pools like Rebecca saw. The little critters need their shells to protect their soft bodies from predators, but it can be tricky to find the perfect fit at times.

Photo: Instagram/@socal.shelling

Rebecca took to Instagram to share about the little critter, saying, “Saw this naked hermit crab and I just knew I had to help him out!”

With that, she began searching for a shell that the hermit crab could use.

Photo: Instagram/@socal.shelling

She said, “It was tough finding an empty shell that was just the right size. All of the shells I found were already occupied. I was determined though, so I ran around looking to find this perfect fit! Happy to see this little cutie all tucked in, safe and sound.”

In her video, you can see the hermit cry looking at two different shells that weren’t the right size before Rebecca finally offered him the “perfect” shell to call home. He immediately crawled inside, seemingly content.

Check out her video below to see for yourself:

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