Woman Appalled When Sister Who Stole Her Husband Wants Comfort After He Cheats on Her

One of the most heartbreaking betrayals that can happen to a person is finding out that her husband is having an affair with her own sister.

But the truth is that the situation had been so much worse for this Original Poster when she made the painful discovery. She caught them both upon coming home from the hsopital after suffering a miscarriage.

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Can you imagine that kind of pain? How it pierces through your heart and soul? The woman just lost her baby, then she chanced upon her husband and sister in bed together at her own home.

But the divorce that followed was not the end of it all. Her sister, whom she cast out of her life, is now trying to win back her affection due to heart-wrenching events that now befall her.

Published in Reddit’s r/AmItheA–hole forum, this is OP’s story under the username u/CraftingSunLove: “7 years ago, I was married and expecting a baby when things went horribly wrong. Around 10 weeks into my pregnancy, I suffered a miscarriage, and then I returned home to find my husband in bed with my sister. The two of them tried to apologize and convince me that we could all get over it. But I wanted nothing to do with either of them and even less so when I found out she had gotten pregnant. My divorce was finalized quickly because I wanted nothing from him other than the divorce and was willing to leave the marriage with nothing but the clothes on my back.”

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Of course, it could be expected that OP’s parents would like the relationship between the two sisters to get mended and for OP to get involved in the life of her sister’s baby. But OP refused, especially after learning that her ex-husband married her sister and they had three kids.

OP continued to write about the meaningful change in her life after that betrayal by her sister: “I met my current husband when I had distanced myself from my whole family, and he was amazing, and his family was great. We got married two years ago, and his family is nothing short of the best. I adore the nieces and nephews I have gained through my marriage to him, and we spend a lot of time together.”

And so, OP’s life has turned for the better. However, about three months ago, she was contacted by her sister through their work phone. She was asking OP to come to her because she needed her, but OP simply hung up the phone. Her parents messaged her hours later to repeat her sister’s words, but OP didn’t care.

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But they were persistent. OP continued to relate in her post, “A few days later, I got another call and was told my sister had been pregnant, the baby passed away inside of her, and she delivered a stillborn, all while he was out sleeping with someone else. My parents and sister expected me to rally around her, and I didn’t. Now that some time has passed and she lives with them, I have been inundated with them saying I should meet her kids, be there for them like I am my husband’s nieces and nephews, and that I should reconcile with the family. My sister told me how sorry she was again and that she wanted us to make up.”

OP’s response? She told her parents and her sister that she and her kids were not her problems and she still doesn’t want to have anything to do with them.

Her parents were so angry, telling OP that she must learn to forgive her sister. They said that she has already paid for her mistake and that her kids have nothing to do with what happened in the past. Nonetheless, OP feels she has no need for her sister to come back into her life, and she doesn’t want to burden herself with whatever is happening now to her own family.

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Is she being heartless?

An award-winning comment from EnvironmentalRuin863 says, “NTA. Your sister f-cked around, and now she’s finding out. I’m sorry that either of you had to go through any of that, both the miscarriage/stillbirth and the cheating, but this is karma wrapped in a big f-cking bow.

“Edited to add: I am not downplaying the horror of miscarriage/stillbirth, nor would I ever wish it upon anyone. It is one of the worst things a human can go through. My comment was more aimed at the cheating aspect and the fact that the two situations are so damn similar. Although I will add that I’m wondering what the hell kind of man sees his wife in a hospital losing her baby and thinks it’s the perfect time for a hookup.”

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A remark from rhubarbleafarmor says, “The sister would go after OP’s new husband, wouldn’t she? Like just get OP occupied with the kids, so she can try and drive a wedge between OP and husband and ‘get’ him too.”

SegaNeptune28 shared the same thought: “To be honest, it sounds to me like that’s what would happen. She’d undoubtedly try to sabotage OP’s relationship and try to steal her man. Why? The only successful marriage she had was with someone else’s husband. Well…successful for a time anyway.”

Meanwhile, Salamander_9 has these words to say about OP’s parents: “I bet the parents’ go-to excuse as to why they didn’t support OP through the darkest chapter of her life was for the ‘grandbaby’ and future grandchildren. OP is in a much better place, and I hope she is far away from her family’s reach and should probably go NC after the BS they are trying to pull.”

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