Woman Reunites With Needy German Shepherd After 36 Hours Away

Although there are many different breeds of dog, the German Shepherd is a noble breed that is well worth knowing. They are a protective dog that is very loyal, which is why they are often used in law enforcement.

There are also many dogs that are anxious when you aren’t home. They go through a type of separation anxiety and some of them can be naughty as a result. Others, however, are just happy to have you back home again.

Photo: YouTube/RunFaster011

Johann, a German Shepherd, suffers from separation anxiety when mom is not home. They may be okay at first, but it isn’t long before they are missing Mom and can’t wait for her to return.

That was the case when Mom was away recently for 36 hours. As shared on YouTube, Johann was getting nervous, wondering where Mom is, and pacing back and forth. You can see him reacting, and he certainly is nervous about the obvious disappearance of the person that he cares for.

Photo: YouTube/RunFaster011

Then she comes home. Finally, Johann is back with his beloved mother again. As his human is by his side, he is excited and soon, he is beside himself with excitement.

You may wonder how big a deal it can be for someone to come home but Johann shows us just what it means to be together again. His mom can get a moment’s peace without him being in her face and licking her on the nose.

Photo: YouTube/RunFaster011

This is one of those situations where it’s impossible to get frustrated. Johann may be excited to see his mom, but I think she’s excited to see him too.

You can watch it all unfold in the video below:

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