Man Yells at His Pregnant Fiancée for Not Helping Him Find His Dog

Well, this post is more than fascinating. An award-winning comment stated that “it was probably re-posted with the Original Poster changing some details because the moderators removed the FIRST POST.”

Several of the commenters on the FIRST POST couldn’t even believe that the details were real. As for the SECOND POST with its modifications, it’s more believable but still infuriating.

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Yep, in both FIRST AND SECOND POSTS, the AITA members judged OP as a big AH.

Here are the details of the allegedly modified SECOND POST according to OP with the username u/West-Lavishness7428: “My fiancée (28f) is currently 5 months pregnant and has been both fatigued and nauseous lately. I get why she didn’t want to help me look for the dog, but I can’t get over the lack of empathy and borderline selfish behavior of this either. My dog (6yo Heeler/Corgi mix) runs off at least once a week. Usually my fiance will help me find her, but it’s not without protest. I honestly didn’t even know how she was getting out of our fenced yard, so I installed cameras and found that she was scaling the 8ft fence. I ended up attaching ‘spinners’ to the top of the fence, thinking that would solve the issue, but it didn’t.”

OP continued to say that he brought his dog outside to play with her. But then his phone rang, and he left his dog for a while. The dog took the opportunity to escape again. When OP returned, he couldn’t find his dog anywhere.

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Since he noticed that his pregnant fiancée was just lying on the sofa, he asked her to help him find his dog. But she was quick to refuse, saying she was tired of constantly running after his dog every time she escapes.

OP tried to explain that he had been watching her, but he had to leave momentarily because his phone rang. However, his fiancee still said no.

OP tried looking for his dog again, but after a half-hour, his efforts proved in vain. And so, he returned to his fiancée to appeal for her help once again. But she answered him with “I said no! I am so tired of chasing that dog around multiple times a week when I’m already exhausted and throwing up constantly.”

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Because he was already feeling panicky, OP admitted that he started yelling at his pregnant fiancée, and he even told her that he was completely disappointed that he made the decision to be with someone who’s heartless.

But later, after finding his dog, OP said he did apologize to his fiancée but she has remained furious with him, refusing to even talk to him.

These were OP’s last words in this SECOND POST: “Everyone is on my side except my sister, who says I’m a ‘f-cking prick’ because it’s not my pregnant fiance’s responsibility to ‘chase around your f-cking mutt’ and said she would have left immediately if her BF ever said what I did to her.”

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Revolting. But if this post is really just a modified version of an earlier SIMILAR post that was removed by the AITA moderators — but reposted by the AutoMod — you’d be horrified after reading it.

Because in the FIRST POST, which was published 26 hours before the SECOND, the following details were apparently given:

  • The “woman” is OP’s wife, not just a fiancée.”
  • His wife is pregnant.
  • Heeler dog was given by MIL. Always escapes, and growls at OP and his wife, unruly.
  • Wife was bitten twice by the dog — back of the leg when she was vacuuming and hand when she tried to take away something that the dog shouldn’t have.

They had taken the dog to a vet before, but the diagnosis showed that her problematic behavior was caused by hormonal imbalance. That was why they employed a dog trainer, but it didn’t solve the problem of the animal’s unruly and aggressive behavior.

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OP’s wife wanted him to enroll his dog in another training program, but OP didn’t think it would work. And so, the solution that his wife considered was rehoming it, because the dog could be a danger to their baby once it’s born.

But OP said no. And so, his wife packed her things and went to her parents’ house. She told him that she would never return home until OP’s dog is gone.

The commenters were quick to slam the poster in less than a day, with the moderators later removing the post.

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But, as already mentioned, the AutoMod re-posted it with the following message: “Thanks for posting! This comment is a copy of your post so readers can see the original text if your post is edited or removed. This comment is NOT accusing you of copying anything. Read this before contacting the mod team.”

This man is more than an AH. He needs professional help for being mentally and emotionally imbalanced.

That is, if this story is not fiction.

Endocrine diseases in dogs are treatable. We hope this couple is able to resolve the issue soon.

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