Man Secretly Takes Dog to His Girlfriend’s Ex to Grant a Last Wish

“My girlfriend kept the dog that her ex had after they broke up. It’s originally his, and he tried to get it back, but she wouldn’t let him. I heard he stopped trying to get it back after a while because he got sick.”

This was how an Original Poster with the username u/throwra22133689 started his post on Reddit’s r/AmItheA–hole forum. The situation was heartbreaking for him because of what happened months later.

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According to OP, he learned that his girlfriend’s ex has turned for the worse, and the guy’s dying wish was to see his dog. But his girlfriend refused and even threatened her ex’s relative, who delivered the message that she would call the police. In OP’s point of view, this was heartless, especially since the dog belonged to her ex.

And so, out of deep empathy, OP made a decision and wrote, “Despite not being a huge fan of dogs, I put it in my car, contacted the guy (her ex) and went over to his mother’s house to let him see the dog. He cried when he saw his dog and spent two hours with it before I took it back. He was so appreciative, though I only did this because of being human. I know if I was in his place, I’d want someone to help me see my beloved pet when my ex keeps refusing for no reason other than to be bitter and petty.”

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OP then related that the guy died days after he took his dog to him. But he never told anyone what he had done especially his girlfriend. Nevertheless, he felt relieved that he had granted a dying man’s wish.

What did the AITA community think of him and his secret?

Comment from pinkbubbles420, “My ex had a dog when we broke up. We’d been together over 5 years, so emotionally the dog was mine too. But I would NEVER consider taking the dog from him. That’s monstrous. I would never date anyone that did that either. Whatever you do, don’t get another dog with this person.”

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FecusTPeekusberg shared the same point of view: “That was my main takeaway from this post. Unless that dog was being abused, then what the f-ck? My ex and I got a dog while we were still together. These days we share the dog like divorced parents share custody of a child. She’s still spoiled, loved, and cherished by both of us. Yea, unless the dog was abused (which so far, it doesn’t sound like it), then I would seriously question being with this girl.”

And some serious thoughts from gunsandpuppies, “This. OP, if she’s playing this kind of game with a dog that wasn’t hers to begin with, imagine what she’ll do if you two have kids together and the relationship goes sideways. Of course, I’ve never met her, and there are 3 sides to every story. That being said, if what you said is true, homegirl sounds like a terrible person.”

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