Disabled Woman Donates Thousands Of Dollars Of Pizza To Homeless Warming Centers

Over the past week, temperatures have plummeted across the Western U.S. and Canada. I’m in Northern California but still felt the temperature drop and lost power a few times from storm winds and heavy rains.

For those further north, like in Vancouver, the cold was a serious issue as temperatures dropped to -20 degrees.

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While those cold temperatures are tough for the average person, they can be life or death for those experiencing homelessness. Because of that, several warming centers opened throughout Vancouver city to offer people a brief respite from the cold.

Warming centers generally provide a place to escape the cold, but they don’t generally have food or extra amenities.

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Vancouver-native Gabrielle Peters realized that hundreds of people would be in sent out a tweet that she was going to send pizzas to some warming centers through the city and asked if any pizzas places would offer a discount to help feed the homeless at those centers.

The tweet ended up receiving a good amount of attention and Peters raised more than $3,000 to buy pizza!

According to CTV News Vancouver, Peters was able to use the money to donate pizzas to 15 different warming centers across the city.

The Vancouver Odd Fellows warming center tweeted about the donation, saying that the pizzas wer “enjoyed by all our guests.”

CTV News Vancouver reports that the other centers to receive donations include the Aboriginal Front Door, Atira Women’s Society, Cascades Church, Directions Youth Centre, The Gathering Place, the Langara YMCA, Marpole Neighourhood House, Mount Pleasant Community Centre, Powell Street Gateway, Salvation Army Belkin House, the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users and the West End Community Centre.

The following day, Peters was able to donate even more pizzas to different warming centers thanks to additional donations that poured in.

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