Woman Taking Dog For A Walk Accidentally Leads Police Raid

What started as a normal day for Taylor Lumpkin quickly turned into a morning she’s unlikely to forget.

Taylor (TikTok user @tayylumpp) shared about the morning, explaining that she woke early before work to take her dog, Gracie, out to potty like usual.

Photo: TikTok/@tayylumpp

What started as a typical doggy potty walk, though, turned into her leading 15-20 armed officers dressed in tactical gear in a raid!

“Never a dull moment living in good ole MKE,” she captioned her video.

@tayylumpp Never a dull moment living in good ole MKE 🙃 #fyp #feds #police #Milwaukee #searchwarrant ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Naturally, people wanted to know more. Her video received millions of views and people were eager to learn how she happened to lead the way for the officers!

In a follow-up video, Taylor explained that during the morning potty walk, she came across a man who was trying to enter her apartment building but his key fob wasn’t working. He showed her his police badge and asked if she could let him inside.

Photo: TikTok/@tayylumpp

Taylor clarified that it’s not uncommon for police to enter her apartment building to do welfare checks and the like, so she didn’t think twice about it. However, after she opened the door, the man asked her to hold it open while he went to grab something.

Apparently, that something turned out to be 15-20 armed ATF officers!

Photo: TikTok/@tayylumpp

The men entered the building and looked to Taylor to lead them to the appropriate hall! Her dog, Gracie, was so excited from the commotion that she just wanted to play, as Taylor walked the group of officers up to the second floor and lead them to the hallway.

You can see her video below to learn more:

@tayylumpp Just call me Lt. Lumpkin from here on out 🫡 #fyp #police #AFT #policeraid #apartment #dogsoftiktok #kimpossible #explanation #storytime #icantmakethisup #wtf #milwaukee #wisconsin ♬ original sound – Taylor

The officers proceeded to thank Taylor and asked her to keep walking. Before she was out of earshot, they began pounding on the apartment’s door and screaming for someone to let them in before they kicked the door down. How intense!

After taking a moment to process things, Taylor and Gracie fully embraced their duties as “Lieutenant Lumpkin & Agent Gracie.”

@tayylumpp Lieutenant Lumpkin & Agent Gracie at your service 🫡 #badboysforlife #feds #ATF #Gracie #WhoYaGonnaCall #storytime #update #CIA #FBI #Police #Wisconsin #Milwaukee #SomeoneTakeMyPhoneAway #JesusFixIt ♬ オリジナル楽曲 – DJ AcCHI/ZoMake it – DJ AcCHI/MusicLover

However, Taylor was disappointed to learn that she helped out after learning of the crime the man had committed. In a follow-up video, she said, “We didn’t put the FBI’s most wanted away. No, no. What we helped do was catch somebody who was illegally selling baseball cards…We regret to inform you that we are no longer Agent Gracie and Lieutenant Lumpkin. We’re just two girls who got duped…We’re not heroes.”

At least she wasn’t living in an apartment with a cold-blooded killer this whole time!

@tayylumpp It was an honor to serve you all 😔 #hero #storytime #update #liloandsnitch #nomore #ATF #Joey #Raid #police #service #AgentGracie #LieutenantLumpkin #baseballcards #wtf #fyp #WhyTheATFCame #DontCallMe #DontBeepMe #NoKimPossible ♬ original sound – Taylor
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