Woman Dives Into “Turbulent” River To Save Dog From Drowning

A poodle mix has been reunited with his family after nearly drowning in the French Broad River.

Two women were walking along the river in Asheville, North Carolina, when a scared dog darted past them and fell in the raging water.

While shocked by what they just saw, they didn’t hesitate to call Asheville Animal Services for help. They continued to watch the dog and leaped into action when he struggled to stay above the “turbulent” current.

One of the women dove into the freezing water to rescue him.

Photo: Pixabay/Csillagvirág

“It had stormed the previous day, so the river level was high with powerful currents,” said Asheville Animal Control Officer Becky Doty who arrived a few minutes after the dog was rescued. “He was very lucky that the two women were there. They are heroes.”

The traumatized dog was taken to Asheville Humane Society where he was examined and miraculously was “unscathed” from his fall. He was named Riu and placed in a foster home where he eventually relaxed and started to play with toys.

His rescue story was shared on the shelter’s Facebook page and the women who saved him were commended for their heroic efforts. One person wrote, “Thank you for your willingness to jump into the river to save him. You are a hero of the major kind. God bless you and your friend.”

Another said, “What a tough fearless woman and a tough little dog. Thankful for those two women, Asheville, animal control officer, Becky Doty, Asheville, Humane Society, and their foster program. What a great facility.”

Dozens of people commented that they would be interested in adopting Riu, but a few days after his rescue he was reunited with his owner. His name is Benzo, and he is thrilled to be back with his family. The shelter shared the happy news and posted a photo of the scruffy dog with his dad.

Asheville Humane Society is once again allowing walk-in appointments at their Adoption Center and are celebrating by waiving dog adoption fees for a short time. Check out all the adoptable dogs here.

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