Greedy Woman to Friends: Did You Honestly Think that I Would Cook You Dinner for Free?

The love of money is the key
When you treat your friends like they’re enemies
Charging way more than what the product is worth
A kick in the leg is what you deserve

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You’ve got ten but you want twenty
When you want way more than just plenty
You’re willing to fight and stab someone for that gold ore
It’s why the rich mistreat the poor.
Excerpted from ‘Greed‘ by Art Paul Schlosser

Interesting poem. Greed making a person treat his friends like enemies to be outwitted and exploited.

Sad. Shocking. Infuriating. And it did happen to this group of friends who were caught off-guard by a woman whose cunning and greediness finally came to the surface.

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The post was shared by one of the victims with the username u/jennysaysfu and published on Reddit’s popular r/AmItheA–hole forum. According to the Original Poster, these are the details: “Typing this out sounds insane, and I really don’t think I’m in the wrong, but I need to know. A friend invited me to a dinner party at her house a few weeks ago, and the actual dinner party was last night. I asked if I should bring anything, but she said no, it’s not a potluck; she’ll make dinner for everyone. There were 7 of us total, and the food was good. During the meal, we were all laughing and called our friend (dinner host) a chef because she made a big dinner for all of us, and we all said how much we appreciated it because it’s hard to get everyone together at the same time.”

Pretty cheerful. They all even helped the dinner host clean up and wash the dishes. Then, they took a rest and enjoyed some wine. Since it was getting late, they started to say goodbye. And that was when the surprise came.

According to OP, “On our way out, the dinner host said don’t forget to Venmo/Cash App/Zelle her. Some of us were confused because we had no idea what we had to send her. So I ask her, ‘What am I sending you money for?’ and she said for cooking dinner.”

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This was the next conversation between OP and their dinner host:

Me: I don’t understand – why we should pay?
Her: Because I spent my money and hosted the dinner and cooked.
Me: None of us asked you to – you volunteered to do it, and you never mentioned paying until now.
Her: I didn’t do this for free.
Me: You should’ve told us before you hosted that you expected this. I don’t think it’s fair to just bring this up and expect people to pay.

That was when the host called OP an a–hole and reiterated her words that she didn’t spend so much time to shop for ingredients and cook for free. OP was shocked. She had never experienced something like this before. They continued to argue, with OP finally paying the host the $40 she demanded from each of them.

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Discussing what happened with some more friends, they agreed that the host was wrong for what she had done. On the other hand, some people claimed that paying for food at a dinner party was normal. That was the reason why OP now feels confused. She was certain the host took advantage of them, her very own friends.

What is the reaction of the AITA community? They called the dinner party scummy! What’s more, they had been overcharged by the host!

In an update, OP informed the AITA members that they — the victims — had decided to drop their greedy friend and blocked her from their group chat. Yes, they had tried to reason with her again to preserve their friendship, but this cunning host insisted that charging them for the dinner was fair.

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OP then asked for the receipts, but the host could not present any. When OP brought up about the foods others contributed to the dinner party, the host said she didn’t ask them to bring those things. That was when OP told her about her Reddit post, and their greedy friend got upset, calling them rude, bitches, and bad friends.

Finally, they accepted that the discussion was fruitless and bade goodbye. And they did bid the greedy host goodbye forever when they blocked and dropped her cold.

Cheers! The AITA community was more than glad that this group of friends has cast out the rotten apple in their midst.

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