Woman Accidentally Catches Giant Octopus While Fishing For Prawns

You never quite know what is going to happen when you’re out fishing for the day. Sometimes, you don’t catch much and at other times, to catch something you weren’t expecting.

It seems as if Brooke Sattar experienced the latter when she was out fishing off of Vancouver Island. They were fishing at the Alberni Inlet when she pulled in a prawn trap and got more than what she was expecting.

Photo: TikTok/@brookesirah

The trap was heavy so at first, Sattar thought that they had done a good job catching prawns. As it began to surface, however, they noticed that there was a giant octopus attached to the trap.

More than likely, it was a northern giant Pacific octopus. This is reported to be the largest and longest-lived species of Octopus in the world, according to the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

Photo: TikTok/@brookesirah

Fortunately, it was captured on video and with that quick thinking, Sattar was even able to share it with the world on TikTok.

Sattar also spoke to Global News, telling them: “We pulled up a big octopus. It held on for two or three minutes, it wasn’t long at all and then it just let go and swam away.”

Photo: TikTok/@brookesirah

She also said that the encounter seemed a lot longer than it was. She would’ve guessed it was three minutes long but the 20-second video told the truth.

Check out the clip below:

@brookesirah Today’s catch caught us! The octopus held on for a bit then let go and swam back down. Coolest signt i’ve seen! #pacificoctopus ♬ original sound – brookesattar

After sharing this video on the social media platform, people began talking. Many of them were saying that they would be more frightened of this than a shark and others said it was their biggest fear.

I would have to say it’s interesting, but better to see it on video than in person.

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