How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Weight! Says Fur Mom to Her 9 Newfie Dogs

This super fur mom must have been inspired by both Elizabeth Barrett Browning and the Incredible Hulk.

Her love for her 9 Newfoundland dogs is euphoric, seeming to be the meaning of her everyday existence.

Photo: Tiktok/thenewfcrew

Calling herself a “Motherless Dogmom,” somehow you could feel why her relationship with her giant fur babies is so strong and sublime that it can only be described by an unforgettable line from Browning’s most famous sonnet: “I love thee with the breath, smiles, tears, of all my life.”

But hers is a motherly love toward her fur babies, whom she calls “thenewfcrew,” herself included. And they are an amazing family, with this inspiring “Dogmom” dedicated to raising wholesome, gentle giants whose wonderful adventures and memories are shown on Tiktok.

Photo: Tiktok/thenewfcrew

Aside from their adorable night-night cookie routine, this dog mom has another habit that will make you catch your breath should you ever see her doing it. She carries each of her Newfie giants like they’re just puppies!

How do I love thee? With this fur mom, she counts her love by the weight!

Here are some of the best comments!

“OMG ITS A BEAR DOG,” reacted one commenter.

“I literally thought it was a bear at first,” wrote another.

“Secret life of pets???” asked a third commenter humorously.

Photo: Tiktok/thenewfcrew

“So cute 🥰🥰🥰🥰,” voiced another.

“My dream dog omg,” expressed another sweet comment.

But this Tiktok user just could not control it: “I want oneeeeeeeeee✌️✌️✨✨⚡️”

Watch, be amazed, and don’t make the same mistake of thinking that her giant dog is a bear, although it honestly looks like one!


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