Woman Adopts a Blind Cat, and Her Dog Is Completely Smitten with It

Many people only stick to one type of pet — it has to be either a dog or a cat. This is due to lifestyle, preference, or the belief that a dog or cat will suit their personality. For so long, a person is known as a dog or cat person, until something changes their perspective. You can be a parent to both fur babies — the more you adopt, the more love and happiness exist at home. An animal can show you that they also have personalities that mean more than just being a feline or a canine. Cats and dogs can get along too.

Photo: Pexels/Nadia Vasil’eva

Bruno is a blind cat adopted by Kelsey, who works at an animal shelter. Apparently, Kelsey has always been a dog person, and she actually has had a dog named Ed, her buddy, for over nine years. When Bruno became part of the family, Kelsey and her fiancé were quickly smitten by the adorable kitty. Although medical tests have shown that the cat is completely blind, Kelsey thinks Bruno’s eyes function well, and there are times when it looks like the cat can actually see his surroundings.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“He was found by the local animal control. All of his siblings got adopted, and he ended up having medical issues,” Kelsey shared. “Whenever I would go into the office, I would like to office foster. One day I was walking through the hospital, and I saw this little guy meowing at me.”

Apparently, Bruno was suspected of having Feline Infectious Peritonitis. And Kelsey suddenly became attached to him. They built a bond that started with hanging out in the office.

However, one problem needed to be resolved first — Ed, her dog, wasn’t fond of cats. Kelsey decided that Bruno and Ed should be introduced slowly to each other. She didn’t push for interaction until they both learned how to adjust to each other’s presence. Amazingly, it only took a week for the cat and dog to be best buds. Bruno’s charm did not just work on humans — dogs are also vulnerable to him. Ed was utterly smitten by Bruno, and he was just comfortable around him. The blind cat even gives Ed sweet kisses whenever they hang out.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Although blind, Bruno was definitely a playful feline — he would just go and play around the house. Kelsey pointed out that Bruno acts and thinks like a dog. “He would play fetch and all kinds of things,” she explained. “I think in his mind, he has no concept that he’s cat. He chases the dogs around the house to tries to get them to not play with him but fully wrestle with him. And he does that with my fiancé, too.”

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Kelsey is grateful for Bruno’s existence in her life. She adopted the blind cat even though she could lose him at any moment. But Kelsey tries her best to provide the greatest life for the cat. She ensured that the proper medications were given to her best bud. Kelsey would give anything to help Bruno have another chance at life. Due to her excellent parenting, Bruno is much healthier now and has a great appetite. It was all Kelsey could do to extend the love and affection she received from Bruno.

You can find the happiest blind cat on Instagram and TikTok. Like Kelsey, her fiancé, and Ed, you’ll instantly fall in love with Bruno once you get to know him by following his social media pages. But this video from GeoBeats Animals will also make you smitten at first sight.

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